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The Intuitive Healing Process

We start ôwhere you areö and address those issues that you see as important, whether they are physical or otherwise.  Here are some examples of services I can offer; any combination of these services could be part of your intuitive consultation:

          Intuitive consultations

                    Health consultations

                    Energetic updates

                    Understanding life issues

                    Body scanning and releasing blockages

                    Collaborative work

                    Muscle testing/kinesiology


          Gentle body work



                    Sound Tune-Ups

          Pets and animal work


Intuitive Consultations

Intuitive consultations may be done over the phone or in person, or even researched separately.  In exploring issues to be addressed in a session, I use my intuition and the client's intuition to ask appropriate questions or make hypotheses.  I use muscle testing (kinesiology) to confirm these impressions. 

Health consultations.  Often questions are about foods and health.  A health consultation could include:

   Eating Strategies, including foods to include/avoid, specific diets, and supplements (types & quantities, brands, etc.)

Lifestyle adjustments

Therapies and practitioners


Flower essences, essential oils, gemstones, homeopathics, etc.


Energetic updates.  As you learn, grow, heal, and work off karma, you might find that your issues have shifted to reflect your new state of consciousness.  You may need to adjust your foods or try new healing modalities.  Re-evaluating periodically is a healthy and positive thing to do.  Energetic updates are available weekly, monthly, or seasonally to assist you in your progress, especially important during health crises and transitions.


Understanding life issues.  Besides purely physical concerns, we may also address and perhaps offer greater insight into any life issue, including those of our animal friends.  We can work on the level of personal history, emotional issues, dreams, past lives, mental attitudes, and spiritual lessons.   As with dream interpretation, getting to the "Aha!" or realization of the root of the situation can be a major turning point in the healing process.  So an intuitive consultation can help identify the physical trigger and the inner cause or lesson behind any given situation.  We can then evaluate possible courses of action, including:

          Therapies or practitioners if needed

          Foods that support the body while the situation is resolved

          Affirmations or visualizations that support a healthy change of attitude      

          Other ways to release or resolve the situation and support you through the process.


Body scanning and releasing blockages. Through a variety of approaches, inner issues and physical triggers may be revealed and potentially released, including:

          Issues that you may be ready to address at this time.

     Inner metaphors being demonstrated by physical symptoms.

     Noticing where inner issues are being held in the body and releasing that energy from the body.


Collaborative work.  The work can also be done in conjunction with a counselor of your choice or other health-care professionals to enhance your health benefits.


Muscle Testing.  Also known as muscle monitoring or kinesiology, muscle testing is a form of dowsing.  Since the body canĺt lie, any muscle can be used to check the truth of any statement; a true statement will result in a strong muscle, and a false statement will result in weakness.  Muscle testing is a way to confirm intuition.  This gives us a way to communicate directly with the body, freeing us from mental constraints.  Any issue may be addressed in this manner.

Since I use my own muscle, it is possible for me to work with clients around the world, human and animal.  This requires trusting our inner connection and having a sense of clarity and detachment from preconceived ideas.


Gentle Body Work

Reiki.  Reiki is a Japanese art of energy work that has ancient roots in several other cultures.  It is a simple, natural, hands-on or hands-off method that helps the body relax, release stress, and re-balance.  One translation of "Rei-ki" is "Spirit-directed life force." 

This pure form of loving energy can promote well-being on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Reiki energy is not generated or directed by the practitioner, who is only a vehicle or facilitator; the body will use the energy for its own priorities.   

Most people experience Reiki energy as warmth and/or vibration along with deep relaxation.  A deep understanding and acceptance of one's own body and life issues are also possible.  Immediate results are often felt; however, long-standing conditions often require multiple sessions to achieve full release, balance, and relaxation. 

Reiki can be used to enhance any form of healing or therapy and will not interfere with other methods.  It may be done hands-on or remotely.  I often get insights into health and other issues while practicing Reiki on a client.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I also offer Reiki attunements, which allow you to use this energy yourself.  With classes of several people, I collaborate with Lee Slichter, another Reiki Master/Teacher, to enhance your experience.

Read my article, Reiki Ethics.


 TTouch.  Originally developed for horses, Tellington Touch, or TTouch, part of the Tellington Method, has been adapted for all animals, including humans.  This is a very gentle system of circular touches and lifts, or "TTouches," that works with the nervous system by moving the skin, or even above the body or from a distance.  Because of this, I can work very deeply without causing pain, even for sensitive individuals.  Many people enjoy this method as a non-invasive alternative to massage.  A ôTTouch Facialö may be included in any session, to melt the stress from your face. 

TTouch is said to awaken the cells and activate unused neural pathways, allowing ease of learning and freedom of movement.  It can be used to release fear and pain stored in the body and promote an alert, yet relaxed, state in which learning, creativity, performance, and well-being flourish.  In those who are ready to do so, TTouch can assist in the process of addressing life issues that are stored as pain or tension in the body. 

The "magic" of TTouch is that a simple method of touching can facilitate replacing fear with love. 

Often I get impressions of health and other issues while practicing TTouch.  It is the modality I generally use first in approaching animal clients.  TTouch has been shown to be effective in addressing issues such as:

          Reducing stress and promoting calmness

          Improving mental clarity and ability to learn

          Enhancing balance and performance

          Releasing fears and traumas

          Reducing nervous behavior

          Easing transitions, such as moving to a new home, blended families, or loss of a loved one. 

Learn how the Tellington TTouch Method  can help you  create a more wonderful partnership with your horse, dog, cat, bird, bunny or another animal companion.   Visit:  TTouch.com


Sound Tune-Ups.  Sound Tune-Ups are done with tuning forks that are placed on the body to relieve pain and re-balance areas of stress or injury.  I use intuition, energy sensing, and muscle testing (kinesiology) to determine where to hold the tuning forks, which notes to use, and how many times to apply them; in this way the body guides where the work is needed.  Then I use the forks in the same manner on all of the major energy centers (chakras) to re-balance and energize the entire body.  This differs from other methods that advocate using the same notes for all people's chakras or organs.  I have found that each person, as a unique individual, may need unique vibrations in order to come into balance. 

People who have experienced this work have described it as relaxing, restructuring, and re-aligning, while promoting a sense of balance and well-being.  Some even report wonderful spiritual adventures, like out-of-body experiences.  Others have experienced Sound Tune-Ups as relieving pain, adjusting joint problems and misalignments, helping to identify causes of pain, and as a turning-point catalyst in healing a long-term condition. 

Sound Tune-Ups, when done remotely, are also very effective.


Pets and People  


All of my services are available for both pets and people.  I believe that humans can benefit from understanding what their pets are showing them and supporting pets in their own journeys.  Besides offering support and comfort through health issues, I can help with challenges adapting to a new home situation; sudden changes in attitude or behavior; and other communication issues, including an understanding of whose ôstuffö a pet is demonstrating (See article, His Stuff or My Stuff?).  Pets generally have similar issues to humans, even taking on their guardiansĺ issues; however, often they are able to release problems and imbalances more easily.



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In my practice I use non-invasive methods of touch, light, energy, sound, and unconditional love to relieve stress and promote general feelings of good health.  Currently, no licensing is available in the state of Idaho for these practices.  While I encourage everyone to take more responsibility for their own health, I do not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or intend that this work should replace medical care.  Statements made in this website are my opinion and should not to be confused as indisputable fact.