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My work has helped people with many types of challenges, including depression, infections, fibromyalgia, heart problems, thyroid problems, arthritis, psoriasis, and past-life injuries.  It has offered techniques for optimizing physical health, as well as offered insight into emotional and spiritual issues, family situations, and pet-behavior issues.



My cat, Gus, has had sneezing fits since we adopted him a couple years ago. I've taken him to the vets several times and they kept telling me he has a herpes-like virus which is hard to cure. They also mentioned that, like human herpes, it can flare up under stress.

The family joke is Gus is our furry, four-legged snot bomb.
But seriously, he's got to be uncomfortable to say the least.

After reading Anne's post, it occurred to me, "Doh, see if Marti can help!"

Marti and I did a session by phone with Gus curled up next to me.
We talked about possible causes for his sneezing. She recommended some herbs I could give him to help. And instructed me on how to massage Gus to promote healing.

Gus hasn't sneezed since!

I should also add that by the end of our call, I was feeling incredibly relaxed.

I highly recommend Marti!

Judy Murdoch


Marti and I had been working together for 2 weeks. I volunteered to help her with networking, etc. She graciously volunteered to help me with my chronic pain.

One of the worst parts of Fibro is the fact that even after the flare up of the Fibro pain ... the Fibromite still suffers. It's like the pain one feels after doing heavy exercise ... except it's more severe.  And, the derriere is one of the places that hurts most. YES, this condition IS literally a pain in the ass.

Well, Marti is one sharp Goddess.

She asked me where it hurt the most. I said, "my ass". She said, "Okay. I use surrogates to help focus the Reiki healing. I'm grabbing a teddy bear and I'm going to put my hands on his bum.”

Vell, vat can I tell you? I just about plotzed! How did she know I'm a sucker for teddy bears?  I still have one that I bought as a comfort companion when I was getting divorced.

So, she proceeds to hang on to the bear's bum (not the bare bum) and send out healing Reiki rays.

Soon the pain in my butt subsides. Then several hours after the session the pain is gone.

Since that first session, Marti has helped me 'remember' the healing feeling so I can invoke it as needed.

Marti is one gifted Goddess.

Lyle T. Lachmuth MSOD


"Marti's magic! Not only has she helped my two female cats feel less awful about each other (I didn't know that two women cats in the same household could cause problems - and this morning they actually shared the bed with me briefly - both of them with no growling) but she also did some work with me and an issue I had.

I'm not sure how it works for the cats, but they always came in when it was time to talk with Marti, and Fiona actually loved to nuzzle the phone while Marti was online. Fiona ignores the phone completely unless it's Marti.

I can't recommend her highly enough."

 - Anne Wayman





“Marti’s unique blend of expertise provides a variety of tools for healing.  She guided me through the healing of an acute physical condition while helping me gain insight into the root cause to heal at a deeper level.  I highly recommend Marti’s services.”    A.J., Idaho

“More people need to know about your hands…I melt under your hands…I trust your guidance…what you saw closely parallels what really happened.”  M.S., California

“I could feel you working with me as soon as you started.  My hips felt better right away, and the pain has been gone since then.”  H.O., Denmark

“This is the future of medicine.”  Dr. H., Idaho

“I feel compelled to thank you again for the marvelous time you spent with my 2 dogs and me.  For many hours after you left, I reveled in the most wonderful ocean of serenity.  My dog, too, swam in similar waters…I’d like to enlist your services again…Thanks again for your special touch.”  M.S., Idaho

“Your work is the only reason I’m still alive and walking around…What you described lines right up with what the doctors told me.”  N.M., Oregon 

“I got a tremendous amount of useful insight in a 1-hour session.”  T.W., Idaho

“The images that you get can be extremely useful to people in dealing with their issues.”  J.B., Oregon

“Our animals are all doing better, and so are we.  Thank you for all your help and love.”  L.M., Idaho 

“Thank you for sharing your expert knowledge with me.  It helped my dog and me a lot…She is doing fine.”  W.M., Idaho

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In my practice I use non-invasive methods of touch, light, energy, sound, and unconditional love to relieve stress and promote general feelings of good health.  Currently, no licensing is available in the state of Idaho for these practices.  While I encourage everyone to take more responsibility for their own health, I do not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or intend that this work should replace medical care.  Statements made in this website are my opinion and should not to be confused as indisputable fact.