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I love being in touch with others who are interested in the health of the whole being, whether human or not.  If you have a question or comment for me about anything, drop me a line!  I respond to emails generally within three business days, and the same goes for phone calls.

Emails or phone calls are welcome.

Marti Wegner

PO Box 1102

McCall, ID  83638



Or, use this handy form.  Ask me any question, or tell me about any bugs, typos, mis-links, or anything that bothers you about this website:

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In my practice I use non-invasive methods of touch, light, energy, sound, and unconditional love to relieve stress and promote general feelings of good health.  Currently, no licensing is available in the state of Idaho for these practices.  While I encourage everyone to take more responsibility for their own health, I do not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or intend that this work should replace medical care.  Statements made in this website are my opinion and should not to be confused as indisputable fact.